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Seiko Epson Corporation (セイコーエプソン株式会社, Seikō Epuson Kabushiki-gaisha) (Epson being an abbreviation for "Son of Electronic Printer"), or simply Epson, is a Japanese electronics company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment. Headquartered in Suwa, Nagano, Japan, the company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide and manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment. Headquartered in Suwa, Nagano, Japan, the company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide and manufactures inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners, desktop computers, business, multimedia and home theatre projectors, large home theatre televisions, robots and industrial automation equipment, point of sale docket printers and cash registers, laptops, integrated circuits, LCD components and other associated electronic components. It is one of three core companies of the Seiko Group, a name traditionally known for manufacturing Seiko timepieces since its founding.

An upset user mentioned, "Like any other reviewers the initial installation of the Epson Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer took like a bar of black inks. Also the ink quality is garbage. When I print papers there multiple white lines appearing and sometimes there double/shadow letter. Clear the printer head multiple times and the problem still not resolved. Also the shading of black is not pure black like my old printer. The shading is kinda like dark silver. Lastly, I use this printer to put out flyers and the color fade over night. Paying at this price point I would expect something better."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Thanks for sharing your experience at Epson. We strongly believe our company’s most valuable asset is the diversity and talent of our employees, whether you’ve been with us for a decade two, or were just recently hired. As part of our strategic vision, we are also actively investing in recruiting new employees in sales, product management and senior management. Thanks again for your feedback."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Prejudice, Favortism, Poor Management, and no Equality."

Former Employee - SAP Consultant says

"Poor work life balance Very high work load one person doing 5 persons work load You live for work here rather than work for living"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management: outdated, archaic and without vision. Real Machiavellians; they have Machiavelli's book, The Prince, on their bedside table and turn to it often for advice on how to practice effective "divide and conquer" strategies. As a result, mid-managers become preoccupied with guarding their backs instead of focusing on growing the business.. HR: they forgot the company's most valuable resources -- its employees. They act like a compliance unit and enforcer of a poorly developed performance review process. Others: Ineffective internal IS systems and support. High doses of internal politics. The shadowing Japanese 'observers'. The hypocrite corporate social responsibility communications (paper and printers are everywhere like back in the 80s/90s)."

Former Employee - Customs Coordinator says

"For a technology & printer company - they love their paper. Everything is very manual, they print too much paper and file creation, poor software integration and or upgrades. Every process is very manual intensive. Office tasks are setup like an assembly line. Poor un-knowledgeable management that still manage employees like in the 50-60s with no background in Logistics. Management does not care about employees - they only want results and output at all costs. Salary not to industry standards. And good luck getting a decent raise. Very political & toxic work environment. Management says something to your face but they do something entirely different behind your back. No room for growth. They rather higher someone from outside then promote from within. Turnover very very high in Customs and Purchasing departments. People come and go or are forced to quit within 1-2 years if output is not aligned to management standards or if they don't like you. Can't take vacation whenever desired. Employee bonus percentage are politically given to desired employees only. Their open door policy goes nowhere."

Anonymous says

"Excecutive management is too involved in day-to-day decisions it doesn't understand.. Management is secretative and mistrustful. They hire for new or open upper positions externally - double standard, if they want you, they will just promote you in the position, if they don't they will require you to "interview" at which time you won't get. Not really family oriented. Anything for the bottom dollar. Upper management walks around with a scowl on their face (good sign misery flows down hill). Issues that are brought up are rarely addressed or resolved, especially when they are in regards to the management team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Ancient technology -Poor management -IT staff has outdated skills across the board -Management is out of touch, especially CIO"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited room for growth. HR is not about developing and taking care of employees but only protecting Epson legally. Many business decisions based on personal political agendas. It is unclear who really owns certain areas of the business since there is so much overlap in roles. Processes are not clearly defined in some areas leading to confusion and massive inefficiency."

IT Group says

"Very LEAN! You wear multiple hats and with little to no help even when you have spoken to management they just tell you they are a lean company. The IT group is somewhat of a joke, no matter how much you do you are not awarded. Those who are political and play the game move up the latter. We spent more time pointing fingers that maybe 2% of the work got done."

clerk (Current Employee) says

"dont expect anything good regarding anything . even policy or rules and management. You mighy be dissapointed since u probly been expenting too much from onenof country's biggest company. Nah. everything is just a front.famous brandingWorst management"

Instructor a Centros de Servicio (Former Employee) says

"Excelente empresa, recomiendo ampliamente, buen clima laboral.Excelente BeneficiosNinguno"

General operative (Former Employee) says

"You aren't allowed to talk on production lines. You have to ask to go to the toilet, literally put your hand up and ask the line leader. Its a horrendous place to work.noneits disgusting"

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"In Epson, when I was new in company. All trainor gave us the ALO means Assembly Layout which is in ALO, we will see or read what the process we will work when we are certified in shuttle, free medicinesno overtime"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The company is run so badly, morale amongst the staff is so low. No pay rise for many years I have no idea how people stay there for long periods of time. Seniors and managers only look after themselves, anyone else is worthless to them. So corrupt and alot of illegal activities go on behind closed doors. Awful company to work for.ColleaguesNo progression, treated like a number"

SAP contractor (Former Employee) says

"I was a contractor for EPSON for a while. Culture in this company is to work, work and more work with literally zero life balance I've seen employees who are in SAP especially functional domains like PTP work literrally 18 hours per day, even on all weekends and deal with cribbing, authorative and very difficult mid management with no support from them. Skyrocketing and unrealistic expectations are the norms for this company. Sometimes they will assign 5, 6 projects and ask you to handle independently and you have to deal with it. Forget about your personal, family life if you work in this company. You'll have zero min to look for other things and if you miss deadlines, they will question you as if you done something terribly wrong. Stay away from this company regardless of how much ever they pay, if you want a peaceful and want to spend some time with family, friends, kids after work I've was offered full time during my contract period, but i rejected and moved to a much better working environment. If you still made up to join, be mentally prepared for a roller coaster ride and to work always under full stress and high pressure"

Maintenance Technician 3 (Current Employee) says

"management doesn't support employees, very authoritarian, horrendous compensation, unethical business practices. While job security is very good, overall advancement is non-existent."

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at Epson is hectic and unorganized. They treat their employees with little to no respect. The point system doesn't match their quality of equipment. Worst job I've ever been hired for!NoneTo many to fit in the box."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"typical work day was good what I've learned was to have respect for other people the management was always coming around and making sure that everything was good I loved working with my co-workers the most enjoyable part of the job was doing hard work in a relaxed enviroment"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyably part of my job all is all work mates humble ..ilove the company and also the cleanliness of the people of there company.I enjoy tooFree lunchesLong hours"

no comment (Former Employee) says

"Not really a place to work in. Management just want save cost, not going to hire manpower where it needed the most. many things over promise, when time to give, many reason prostoo much things to do."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There are many different job roles at Epson, The pay is bench-marked against other local companies. There is a mix of full time and temporary workers, the staff level decreases almost every year."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"This place is by far the worst place I have ever worked at. Management is horrible. Favoritism is a big part of it. The pay is good but now I understand why they pay you well, because management treats you badly. You try to speak up and there is always consequences. They refuse to let you take your vacation time. When you call in sick, there’s consequences. You cannot grow here. You ask for training that will benefit the company and they refuse. My best advice is to apply somewhere else. Do not work here!Management"

Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Almost a total lack of communication from management to employee in regard to deliverables and performance standards. There's a lack of support from management that is concerning. Beware new employees. Make sure you always are checking in with your manager to see if they are satisfied with your performance. If you don't you'll be let go without warning or any attempt to communicate their concerns with you. The culture seems dry and disconnected compared to other places that I worked.Health benefitsLack of communication"

Warehouse - Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Company used to be great before changes within the company 2 years ago. New HR and management changes were also made. I worked here from 2014- 2020 in warehouse. Co-Workers were amazing to work with and that's all that's good about the company. Pay is decent to start, but small wage increases with horrible HR management that don,t recognize the hard work you do. They never see the good. I got treated unfairly and felt singled out and discriminated with this company. I would not recommend any one to work here."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Started here in 2009 and everything was great. Decent salary and benefits, pay for tuition, great management and HR. Now 10 years later, completely new HR department who doesn't care about anyone and is downright dismissive of graveyard employees. Management has been rotating in and out and have no idea what they're doing. They pass over employees with degrees for advancement in favor of unexperienced people from the same country, bring in people from outside. In 2009 this was a wonderful place to work with great management and coworkers and a supportive HR staff. In 2019, it's a horrible place to work with poor management, negative and dismissive HR staff, and great coworkers. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone short of someone desperate for a job."

production eperator (Former Employee) says

"productive,serious place its fun coz im watching 4 machinesfree snacklong hours"

Returns Receiving Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The returns department is a total disaster. No structure and processes change everyday. Nothing is ever right and orders have to be touched 3-4 times. Very stressful!"

Assistant Officer (Former Employee) says

"Malaysians all hold higher position than the few singaporeans here.Due to max count of management staff and promote degree holders, Demote local executive(which is unacceptable) by giving excuses that there is no one under them. Double promote the foreigners they want(1st in my 10 plus years here) Speaks Cantonese and does not care if locals does not understand (mode of communication should be either chinese/English). Doesn't keep promise - mentioned that they promote based on merits and contributions but foreign staff that joins the company and took 2 mes maternity with a year half n the company can still be promoted No rank hierarchy and favourism - new comer that rejoin company and have the same title as me can self.proclaim as future superior of mine and (under table promise by the management staff) Even asst manager have higher authority than my manager and can scold another asst manager of.the same department like she is a manager. Staffs have no courtesy..-- We are sharing phone line and superior always like to listen in to.the conversation by picking up their handset and interrupt your conversation Doesn't even have SAP or useful ERp which greatly affects your chance of job skipping to another planner jobmedical/dental or optical reimbursement, up to 20 days AL if u worked long enough, company transportworkplace Discrimination, racist, ruins your"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Very cleaning and product is good quality ..experience while employed there...reason dislike is very mentaly disturb in that company are company management."

La More says

"OMG! Horrible customer service! My ET 2700 did not last 2 years. Paper jam totaled the machine! Serious? I called Support, was offered a coupon for discount on a new printer. 45 minutes later I'm still on phone with poor English and still no coupon! BTW, there is no sheet feeder for on these printers for scanning."

Gordy says

"No matter what model you get, these printers are worthless. The software seldom works, and Wi-Fi? Forget it. Just printing one document can take 30 minutes, if it prints at all. HP printers cause the least trouble, but their ink is too expensive. I'm going to drive over my EW-M725T printer with my car and going back to Canon. I'm partly to blame for buying Epson five times, though. I keep thinking, "THIS time, they'll have worked out the kinks." but they never do."

Gaylyn says

"I bought this printer in May, 2019. The Epson ink cartridges I got with it were part a package that were discounted. When those cartridges ran out of ink (very quickly) I purchased a different brand that were approximately 1/3 of the regular price of Epson ink cartridges. These cartridges worked quite well. When those ran out I had to buy a different brand because that brand was no longer available but still about 1/3 the cost of Epson cartridges. After processing the latest Epson printer update, the non-Epson brand was no longer recognized by the printer. This effectively disabled my printer. After Epson Support realized that my unrecognized ink cartridges were non-Epson ones, they refused to provide any resolution. I was left with no alternative but to buy Epson ink cartridges or another printer. In researching new printers I found that for the cost of new cartridges I could get a printer with the same features using more reasonable ink cartridge replacement costs."

yannis tsavalas says

"I bought the Epson XP-7100 all in one printer, and I've had nothing but trouble. I have spent at least +15 hrs with their Technical Support folks, and now I can print and scan, BUT every morning the printer is not "visible" in my network. Their soln is to unplug the printer every morning, wait 30 sec and plug it in again; I have to do this every morning!!! Do NOT buy any of their products."

Jay Lingle says

"I have an Epson WF 4734 printer. The printer functions ok but the scanner doesn't seem to connect to the computer to be able to save an image. What really makes me never buy an Epson product of any kind is how Epson views their customers. As a small business, I have to constantly look for ways to save money; therefore, I buy off-brand ink cartridges. These work great until Epson needs to sell more of their brand of ink and they send out a firmware update. Once you run the update, the printer will not recognize some or all of the off-brand ink and you can't print until you go and buy their ink. I spent over 1 hour trying to get their customer support to help me undo the update but was told that it couldn't be done. I don't know any other company that doesn't have the ability to undo an update. My take away is that Epson doesn't care about their customers and helping them succeed, they just care about maximizing their profits. A google search shows that a law suit was brought against Epson for this very practice. I will never buy another Epson product."

Bearuckus says

"Bought an epson 440, i ran out of ink, so i replaced the black just to print black only, but it doesnt allow you to. I went in and put print black/greyscale only , but it only prints blank pages, printer says must replace blue ink cartridge... i just want black print, why the #$@! What a scam. I will never buy another epson again !!! I tried numerous things to print black only, nothing worked, so i thought id call customer support... u know what they said, id be charged for that support.. what a joke !!! Never again Epson."

WildBill says

"My first printer was an Epson 9 pin dot matrix printer back in the late 80’s. I have had several since then and have had some good ones. Printers, scanners, CD/DVD printers and so on and have always liked Epson. But this XP7100 ink printer and the way Epson does their customer on sneaking in the latest firmware up date has changed my mine. I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER EPSON. I admit, I used remanufactured Ink cartages. The last Epson firmware update will not allow anything but genuine Epson cartages with their over bloated prices. $73.00 for one set of cartages is highway robbery. I wish I could give a minus star."

Lucy W. says

"Purchased an Epson ET4750 from Best Buy on 1/20/19 and printer cannot print color due to hardware failure Epson support told me. Because it is out of warrantee they expected me to accept a 25% discount towards another one. This company DOES NOT stand behind their products. Nothing lasts anymore. Nothing. They said they would do a one time courtesy replacement if they had a copy of the receipt. When I finally got it they said, no, can't do it. Just gave me a run around."

John Pitts says

"As with others here, EPSON printers firmware updates will cause your printer to lock up unless you have EPSON ink cartridges installed. Their newest trick is sending another firmware update that will lock up your printer until you install it....and you have to agree not to join in a class action lawsuit against them before you can install it. (HP just started doing the same thing, had to replace ink with theirs after an update or it would lock up). They took all I intend to spend on both."

Donna Brosnan PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) says


Marc R says

"I have an EPSON WF-2860 printer and I am writing this while I am on hold with their tech support (over 45 min so far). When the printer updated the firmware yesterday, my ink cartridges no longer work. Evidently Epson has added programming in this last update that forces you to use their more expensive, branded ink cartridges. I don't think I've printed more than 50 pages and I'm now into almost the original cost of the brand new printer in ink. This is a great printer if you don't mind buying EPSON ink frequently."

Yevhen Shevchenko says

"Epson is releasing new firmware, which will stop you from using much cheaper 3rd party printer cartridges. This practice is illegal in light of Supreme Court ruling in favor of 3rd party ink suppliers, but I guess law is not something Epson are familiar with. Not sure if others are doing these illegal practices, but I am definitely not buying another Epson printer ever."

Stephanie Terrell says

"This is the WORST company to deal with. Their products are filling up landfills left and right. They do not even make hardware to fix them they just tell you to buy a new one!!! Or they send you a new one. Horrible way to treat our planet. Shame shame shame on Epson."

Ingrid says

"Purchased an Epson 300W scanner. First one the store replaced within 2 months because it stopped working. Thereafter, within 6 months the scanner would no longer connect wirelessly to any computers. Epson sent me a refurbished scanner. After 2 hours on the phone with their support team it was determined the replacement scanner did not work at all. You would think they would test them before sending. After another 2 weeks, I received another refurbished scanner. within 3 weeks the scanner scans 3/4 of page with the contents on it and 1/4 of the page with a solid black block running the length of the page. After another 2 hours on the phone with support they decided it was a problem with the scanner and will send me another refurbished one. They require my credit card to secure the replacement. To have 3 scanners all have issues there is a problem with their workmanship and quality of their products. I would NEVER recommend Epson to anyone extremely cheap product"

Thomas Suski says

"So many problems it's crazy. Sucks my colored ink dry even when I only use black. Can't connect to the printer half the time. The printer is hooked up to my laptop but then the scanner isn't. I've spent so many hours troubleshooting. They suck!"

Rune says

"I got the epson ET 2650 ~USD250. Was one where you top off inc and not get cartridges. after maybe 8 months it could hardly print anymore. To get a barely useable print i need to clean nozzle and put print settings on the highest quality setting. It then uses about 30sec on one page and proudly spits out a black and white print that looks like crap but at least is readable. Trying to google a solution for my problem just confirms that this must be deliberate, as there are many with the same problem."

brian fowlkes says

"Worst printers I’ve ever used"

Jacob's Inkscam Review says

"Epson xp446 was purchased. It was an ink hog, used all colors to print black and white. Built in micro chip page counter on the end of ink tank makes it Epson only. Then the same chip does a page count. If it prints 1 word on a page, it adds to that count. Maybe 50 pages before it starts giving warnings of low ink. Then the print quality goes bad, then printer software bricks and turns off printing. When you replace, it wastes ink charging cartridges too. I opened up the empty ink cartridge to find 1tea spoon of ink left. New one maybe have few more than that. Firmware is a joke. Never ever update. It's a software scam to make Epson money. I think they also have a lifespan software or chip to brick the printer after X amount of time. Was always out of ink. Hundreds of dollars spent in less than a month, on a home use, document printing. HAD A FIX. Ebay, CISinks, continuous ink tanks. Respectable page counter ink cartridge and hoses. Still get "out of ink" scam message, pull cartridge, reset the switch, reinstall. Latest Epson SCAM issues, warning out of ink, fake message, have a cup of ink in each tank, select OK to finish the page, but then the print quality suddenly went bad, lines, bad colors, missing print, etc. Another epson software scam, to make you think you need new ink! Then nothing, printer bricks, not allowing any work. Had to remove tanks, cartridges, reset but still, it was at what I call Epsons planned end of life, had to unplug, remove, replace, repeat, 10 more times. Amazing! Same exact ink, tank, cartridges suddenly worked!!! No bad print quality, It prints great. Until the next time it counts 50 pages. I have saved hundreds if not thousands with the CIS system. Ahhh, dont tell Espon."

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